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10 Apr

Housing construction using concrete blocks

There is a lot of building materials, which can be used to build a very nice, comfortable, practical and durable house to live in. Concrete building blocks have excellent characteristics. It is a strong material, that has a long service life, cannot be destroyed by various disasters, such as earthquakes, resistant to fire, water, frost, and heat. Houses made of concrete blocks can be of various types, shapes and designs.

The advantages of concrete blocks are strength, durability, good insulation, fire resistance, low thermal conductivity. In addition, it is cost-effective, since concrete building will cost you much cheaper than brick and its service life is the same as that of brick houses.

Concrete blocks are made predominantly of cellular concrete (aerated concrete, foamed concrete, gas silicate). They combine the properties of concrete, stone and wood. When building a house using concrete blocks there is no need to construct a heavy foundation.

However, the disadvantage of such a house is often its inability to support reinforced concrete floor, therefore if they are used, it is necessary to make an additional concrete belt or use hardwood floors.

Having the same size, concrete blocks greatly simplify the building process. It also allows you to accurately calculate the necessary amount of the building material, without spending money for the surplus resources.

During the construction of load-bearing walls, they are strengthened using the method of reinforcing hollow concrete units by filling them with cement mortar to create strong concrete slabs. Reinforcement is made along the wall symmetrically on both sides of the door and window openings, as well as in the corners of buildings, other parts of the walls, with at least two meter intervals between the reinforcing inserts. Walls reinforcement is tied to the reinforcement of concrete floors, forming a very solid frame.

Construction of houses is a professional’s job. But experts say that laying of concrete blocks does not require special knowledge; building a house with concrete blocks on your own is quite a feasible task. Blocks are laid on a cement slurry, adding sand filler is mandatory.

Block house is a durable and reliable structure, the construction of which does not require much effort, time and money. It is necessary to draw up a detailed design and comply with the main construction phases to build a high-quality building.