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mixer2ALFA TRUST offers all grades of concrete ready mix at the lowest price – you can purchase it firsthand at guaranteed competitive prices.

Our company offers a wide range of ready-mixed commercial, residential, industrial and DOT certified concrete and mixtures.

ALFA TRUST has a great wealth of experience in manufacturing of concrete ready mix. Our experts are constantly working to improve the quality of our products; therefore the range of available grades is expanding from year to year.

Our goal is to reduce time and efforts consumed for lengthy search and selection of materials for your construction or repairs which will significantly save your time.

Staying at home or in your office, you can get exhaustive information from our consultants, who will tell you about specifications and prices and help to choose personalized products based on your needs and allocated budget.

Nowadays, concrete is one of the basic material used in construction, its price is one of the most important factors making up the cost of construction projects. In addition to low cost of ready-mixed concrete, we provide guarantee of its high quality. High quality of concrete ready mix is ensured by the use of up-to-date equipment and constant control of the procured composite materials and finished products by a certified laboratory.

Our manufacturing company offers customers favorable terms of product delivery. We can speed up any construction by timely delivery of our goods to the construction site. We offer our clients delivery of concrete ready mix within a short time directly to the site of construction using our special vehicles. Same day delivery is available.


Same day delivery is available!

Since the start of our business, we have established ourselves as a reliable supplier of all kinds of concrete ready mix. Competitive concrete prices, decent quality, wide range of available grades of concrete mixtures, ready-mixed concrete production output, convenient delivery schedule, and commitment to the performance of our obligations to customers are just a few of the advantages distinguishing us from other suppliers and attracting many construction companies, as well as private customers. We value every client, constantly improve the quality of services, and that is why any customer can contact us for advice and promptly receive answer to any question.

We try to meet the needs of numerous contractors in the city.

Advanced logistics allows to deliver concrete ready mix faster, as the delivery is done by the shortest route.


If you order concrete from us, you will save time and money!

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Assignment of Concrete

Concrete used for the construction of different kinds of residential facilities.
Commercial concrete can be described as concrete used for the construction of commercial facilities, such as industrial buildings, warehouses, stores, and even restaurants. Compared to residential concrete it has higher requirements for durability and service life.
Industrial concrete is usually subjected to high external loads, which impact its service life. ALFA TRUST process for manufacturing of industrial concrete ensures high quality of product, which has a longer service life compared to other concretes.
Government concrete is designed for the construction of government facilities, organizations, such as: cities, counties, transportation authorities, state agencies and departments.


Concrete Types

We offer concrete with different strength properties for different applications. Depending on concrete strength class, it is used in the following applications: laying of different kinds of foundation (pools, pier, raft, wall footing, pile foundation); floor pouring; making of panels for the construction of panel buildings; erection of bridges, highways, dams etc.

Use of high-strength concretes allows to make structures with thinner walls. Such structures must be resistant to different kinds of loads, impact of aggressive environment, and cycles of freezing and thawing.

Color concrete is produced by adding to cement mixture different concrete coloring agents which react with water and impart the desired color to it. It can be used for enclosing structures of public and residential buildings, decorative plates of building outside and inside walls, floor and windowsill plates, stair flights, façade elements, columns, in pieces of hardscaping, for bas reliefs and sculptures, special products.

DOT certified concrete is intended for special projects, road construction. Concrete roads are characterized by durability, long service life, resistance to load and overweight of trucks.

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The company has its own production facilities and equipment so you don’t have to pay intermediate parties. I had a pleasure discussing the order with a consultant operator Alex, the man is a real professional having a great deal of expertise and experience in construction industry, he answered all my questions, helped to make the best choice of the concrete grade and made a delivery schedule, and it played an important role in the success of our construction! Thank you! I recommend this company!

Alejandro Sanz

The best quality-price ratio on the construction market in Miami. We ordered delivery of concrete to Miami-Dade. The delivery was on time. Working with new and quality equipment of the Atlant Concrete is always a pleasure. The quality of concrete is time-tested. It’s easy to choose the suitable grade of concrete from the extensive range of the Atlant Concrete. We had no problems completing several complex projects in Miami thanks to the quality of concrete and efficiency of the Atlant Concrete.

Michael Smith

We have been working with this company for 1 year. During this time, we’ve had only positive experience working with the Atlant Concrete team. Always good quality of concrete, delivery without delays, and they have never promised impossible (like delivery in 5 minutes). Operator is available 24/7. Many times they saved us in seemingly dead-end situations. Always adequate and professional advice on construction matters.

Lorenzo Becker