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If you are interested in a fast intensive construction process, our offer is just for you! A wide range of products, easy ordering process, prompt delivery without delay will help you
save your time and money!

With a large production capacity, the company is able to meet even major developers’ demand for the building material. Over the course of its activities, the company has established itself as a reliable partner, confidently carving out a niche in the market of production and delivery of concrete and concrete blocks in Miami, FL.

The company ALFA TRUST offers you to buy concrete and concrete blocks in Miami, FL. The company takes responsibility for the quality of the material sold, and, consequently, the reliability of your building project.

The demand for concrete and concrete blocks has increased with the development of mass construction. Sales have risen to a new level, as the customers are interested in a high quality building material, uninterrupted supply of concrete in a timely manner and additional services.

Staying at home or in your office, you can get detailed information from our consultants, who will tell you about the specifications and prices and help you choose customized products for your project based on your needs and budget.

Our task is to reduce the time and effort spent for a long search of the right choice of materials for your construction or renovation, which greatly saves your time.

ALFA TRUST has a long history of operations in Europe. We use state-of-the-art equipment to make the highest quality products.

Buy concrete and concrete blocks from us – quality is guaranteed!

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Good logistics

Good logistics allows us to deliver concrete and concrete blocks quickly, because delivery is done by the shortest route!

The right grade or class of concrete should be selected for each structure. Contact our consultants who will suggest the best option for your construction and give advice when needed.

We ensure steady and uninterrupted supply of building materials, take over the management of the delivery schedule to help you meet deadlines and strict budget requirements.

The main achievement of our activities and development is our reputation. We successfully build long-term, trusting partnerships with every customer!

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The company has its own production facilities and equipment so you don’t have to pay intermediate parties. I had a pleasure discussing the order with a consultant operator Alex, the man is a real professional having a great deal of expertise and experience in construction industry, he answered all my questions, helped to make the best choice of the concrete grade and made a delivery schedule, and it played an important role in the success of our construction! Thank you! I recommend this company!

Alejandro Sanz

The best quality-price ratio on the construction market in Miami. We ordered delivery of concrete to Miami-Dade. The delivery was on time. Working with new and quality equipment of the Atlant Concrete is always a pleasure. The quality of concrete is time-tested. It’s easy to choose the suitable grade of concrete from the extensive range of the Atlant Concrete. We had no problems completing several complex projects in Miami thanks to the quality of concrete and efficiency of the Atlant Concrete.

Michael Smith

We have been working with this company for 1 year. During this time, we’ve had only positive experience working with the Atlant Concrete team. Always good quality of concrete, delivery without delays, and they have never promised impossible (like delivery in 5 minutes). Operator is available 24/7. Many times they saved us in seemingly dead-end situations. Always adequate and professional advice on construction matters.

Lorenzo Becker